Data Migration

Data Migration Services


Legacy and other data migration can be one of the most difficult and time consuming tasks within a system integration project. There are many variables and complexities surrounding the effort, which require a detailed understanding of the data and the source and target applications in order to ensure success.

We perform data migration tasks in a number of phases, including migration strategy and planning, migration design and data mapping, program development, migration execution and migration testing and validation. Each of these phases can be complicated by the type and quality of the data being migrated as well as the specific company requirements for the migration.

Our consultants have extensive experience in migrating legacy data and data from other commercial safety system such as Empirica Trace (formerly Clintrace) and ARISg into your new or existing system. Our team have used various data transformation tools, such as TableTrans® and other ETL tools. We can leverage this experience and our proven migration methodology to make the migration process quick and easy for your organization.




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