Data Governance

Data Governance Institute defined Data Governance as “A rules of engagement (or) decision rights and accountabilities for information and their related processes.” In other words, data governance refers to policies and procedures around availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data utilized in the enterprise. The critical implementation step of data governance is identifying the accountability of data in a system for its accuracy, consistency, completeness, and processes updating the data.

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Driving information to address member retention, customer care, and products customized to individual consumers are some of the keys to better decision making processes. In addition, the shift from compliance-based initiatives to ACA initiatives leads to creating member and provider facing applications, and addressing payment methods such as fee-for-service models. Data governance should be supporting information management with better decision-making capabilities by assigning accountability to the right data owners. HighPoint is experienced in evaluating technology, creating consistent architecture, and standardizing data assets. Our experience in facilitating and managing data governance programs will enable your business stewards’ clarity of ownership and accountability.