Contract Analytics

Whether strategic or operational analytics are the focus, there are certain steps a company must take to improve its analytics capabilities for both commercial and government markets. Life Sciences companies are challenged with getting access to key information, maintaining an infrastructure to successfully manage this data, and analyzing this information to make better business decisions regarding their managed markets strategies and tactics. Our Contract Analytics solution addresses these industry challenges.

The key differentiator in the market place is the integration of quantitative models that provide better understanding.

Our framework addresses key industry issues and enables your account managers to negotiate and close value-added contracts. Our Strategic Contract Analytics solution offers companies prospective (pre-deal), retrospective (post-deal), and compliance analytics.

Contract Analytics

HighPoint’s best-in-class analytics solution leverages our statistical methodologies to apply business intelligence to managed markets, enabling analytic excellence for pharmaceutical companies. Within the framework, we provide analytics to support strategic, tactical, administration, and remittance capabilities.

The available analytics allow manufacturers to stay one step ahead of the competition. While companies use analytics in a variety of ways, what sets the leaders apart is their strategic use of analytics across the entire organization. For these companies, analytics is the essential component of their unique business strategy and ability to execute.

Our solution effectively addresses the contract analytics lifecycle and combines the appropriate people, processes, and technology to create a collaborative model for better contract performance:

  • Empowers proactive decision making and quicker customer response for contract decision-making purposes
  • Defines clear return on investment and gross profit analyses given pricing pressures
  • Provides improved visibility to market share, formulary access, utilization patterns, and sales trends
  • Ensures system and information architecture capabilities align with business requirements


With this flexible and scalable solution, HighPoint can address more effective and efficient contracting processes.

The Benefits


Timely Visualization

  • Identify positive or negative contracting trends with the ability to drill into the details to understand why
  • Move easily between aggregate and detailed information


Proactive Rather than Reactive

  • Change focus from manually performing analysis and reporting functions to providing insights through strategic investigation
  • Identify problems before they occur
  • Increase query performance


Consistent Insight and Flexibility

  • Recognize the alignment of data with business strategies
  • Utilize a single source of dynamically-refreshed data