Chatter and Communities

The pervasiveness of social networks combined with portal technologies has raised the bar of expectations among employees, partners, and customers in terms of intimacy and transparency among key stakeholders.

Forward thinking customers leverage these technologies to improve employee retention and customer satisfaction. They insert themselves in customer conversations, identify and get in front of trends and outliers as they are happening in order to fundamentally change the way they do business. has helped their customers improve internal efficiencies and processes leveraging Chatter as an internal collaboration tool, most often replacing email as a more efficient repository to ensure complete transparency to a team of stakeholders regardless of when they integrate into the associated project.

Building on that success, Communities and portal technologies take this to the next level, creating a more efficient, transparent, and collaborative working environment between key stakeholders whether it is on a project by project basis or a more holistic and ongoing community.

HighPoint helps our customers take advantage of these new capabilities, integrating where appropriate with internal transactional systems.

In regulated environments such as Life Sciences, we have years of experience and keep current of changes that have implications associated with security and privacy among stakeholder groups.