App/Data Retirement in the Cloud

Data Archiving in the Cloud


HighPoint Data Archiving Cloud (powered by Informatica) is designed to simplify application and data archiving for clients who want an Enterprise Archiving Solution as a true SaaS/cloud model. Our private cloud solution provides your clients the ability to archive data from a wide range of data sources to a highly secure, optimized ILM environment that is maintained and monitored by HighPoint’s ILM Staff. Our solution is backed by a stringent set of SLA’s.


Structured Data and Application Archiving Cloud


Relocate older/inactive data to HighPoint Solutions for performance, compliance and application retirement.



Benefits of HighPoint’s Data Archive Cloud:


  • Low monthly support cost
  • No internal IT training on ILM required
  • No ongoing IT infrastructure costs
  • Reduce internal storage costs and free performance for internal application demand
  • Maintain and manage retention policies, access data and purge data permanently
  • Significantly reducing Application/Database Licensing Fees
  • 24*7 support with SLA driven response and uptime
  • Achieve compliance with government and industry regulations with a one-time effort
  • Simple and scalable pricing model


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